16 Nov, 15

Sir Foster

What kind of impact does music have in our world?

Music is more important than we realize. Our bodies are literally made of tiny atoms that vibrate back and forth at a fast pace. This means our bodies are made of sound. And that means that our bodies are made of music. I believe this is the reason our bodies respond to it. For example, you may catch yourself bobbing your head to a song that you didn't even realize you were paying attention to. Our bodies can sometimes respond involuntarily to music because they respond to what they are made of.

The right music can change the entire mood of crowds of people. It can make the atmosphere seem more relaxing at your favorite restaurant or spa. Heck - the right music can create the atmosphere of any place.

How do we ensure that artists' voices are heard?

We must first realize that artists play a valuable role in our existence. Artists are just as important as scientists, doctors, mathematicians and the like. Nature does not create anything unless there is a need for it. So the fact that artists exist is proof that we are necessary.

Once people understand this truth, it will be easier to support our artists. I believe everyone should take time out to support the type(s) of art they enjoy. This does not necessarily mean going to a museum! There are art shows, solo art exhibits, and concerts featuring independent artists. There are also pop-up shops and boutique clothing brands. Support your local restaurants because cooking is an art too! People should get out into our local communities and support ALL the different types of artists. In addition to that, the absolute best thing to do is get to know them (the artists) as people. Your life will be greatly enhanced by being friends with a creative type because they will allow you to look at life from a perspective you didn't know existed.

By Sir Foster, distributed under a Creative Commons CC-BY license.

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