w/ Bridgette Moody

Who are you, and what do you do?

Hey! My name is Bridgette Moody, singer and soundscaper in Haunted Summer. I grew up doing musical theater and fiddling around with any instrument in sight, and found my way into rock n' roll playing an eight bar trumpet solo for an overzealous band in high school. Fifteen plus years of writing, recording, playing and touring have brought me to the most honest and rewarding years of my musical career. Collaborating with my favorite human being (my husband, John Seasons) and a slew of inspiring artists has lead me to fronting a band I couldn't be more proud to call my own.

What hardware do you use?

In the studio, I like to experiment with what the room has to offer. A Dave Smith Tempest, Hammond organs, nylon guitars, Omnichords, lemon shakers, plastic bugles - I'll play it all. I do almost always end up playing a Rhodes or a Gibson SG through a '64 Fender Deluxe Reverb though...probably my favorite sounds of all time.

As for a live show, I like to keep the big stuff solid and portable. I use an Acoustic B200 for my microKorg and Juno-D, and an Orange CR60 for my Guild Aristocrat M-75 guitar. After playing various Fender amps for years, I love the range the Orange delivers - it's just got such a warm, full body before it even hits the gain, it's feels incredibly, and independently, expressive.

Pedals have always been a huge part of the Haunted Summer sound - the right combo provides limitless feel and texture, and always with an element of surprise! I constantly rotate my pedalboard to experiment, but some that get the most airtime are Earthquaker Devices' Disaster Transport, Sea Machine, Pitch Bay, an Ibanez Tube Screamer, my beloved Boss Dimensions-C, favorite bass pedal AMT Electronics Communist Pig, and reliable friend Electro Harmonix Echo 1. I also use a modified Boss vocal processor to add extra textures with my voice.

And what software?

I don't really use too many software programs. Really just Garageband to record demos, and the Wave Manager to upload ambient loops to my SPD-SX. Otherwise, it's a whole lotta knob turning!

What would be your dream setup?

Mmmm, I've really been crushing on Fairfield Circuitry's Shallow Water out of a... Supro Rhythm Master in red velvet, just like the one I played at Rancho de la Luna. I'd really just love to have a seamless way to incorporate the weirdest instruments I can find...and maybe a few dancing roadies à la Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed?

By Bridgette Moody, distributed under a Creative Commons CC-BY license.

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