30 Nov, 15

Ann Friedman

What kind of impact does music have in our world?

Music is a memory aid, a muscle relaxant, an aphrodisiac, a pain reliever, an anxiety suppressant, a mood enhancer.

What can we do to ensure that artists' voices are heard?

I don't think we can ensure anyone is heard without asking people to listen. So pay attention to the people who make the music you love: What are they asking of you as a fan? How are you supporting and enabling their work?

By Ann Friedman, distributed under a Creative Commons CC-BY license.

The Secret Lives of Playlists

Not all Spotify playlists are created equally. To begin understanding this, look at them closely. Literally.

Sofar Sounds - The Uber of House Shows?

Some musicians in the Bay Area are criticizing a popular house-show startup over paltry compensation, while others challenge its very existence.

It’s All In Your Head: Shutting Up The Voices That Tell You “No”

There’s something so terrifying about putting yourself in a position where you could possibly be rejected, harshly criticized or worst of all…ignored.

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