Resurget Cineribus: An interview with Sterling Toles

Detroit producer Sterling Toles peels back the layers on his long-shelved master work in a conversation with artist Fred Thomas about the Detroit riots, intergenerational trauma and rising again from the ashes.

Death, Taxes, and Data: A Memorial to the Throne

It tells two stories from my life as an artist. These stories are not about the artistic product I create but instead concern how I have been affected by the world. A world none of us asked to be born into, and that we try to look in the eye regardless. Both orbit the problems of consolidated power.

You’re Not Alone: Finding Comfort in the Songs of LGBTQ+ artists

Now, perhaps more than ever, we need music. We need to share the songs and works of marginalized voices — to support them, listen to them and use their art as a way to fight hate.

Transportation: An Interview with Chandra

Chandra was just 10 years old when her lost album, Transportation, was released. Fellow musician Fred Thomas talks with her about that and much more.

Get Up & Be It: How A Ted Leo Song Helped Me Survive

This is a true story about survival, heathcare, and why Ted Leo is the best forever.

Not All Art Scales, Not All Businesses Should

So many of the sites we rely on have big money behind them and even bigger profit motives in front of them. We have to think critically about where we build our communities, what data we give to corporations, and how (not if) they plan on monetizing us.

No Silver Lining

We worked like we were building a wall of our own — one made of power chords, cymbal smashes and sweat — to keep out bigotry and hatred.

Breaking Down

I have credited music for saving my life in the past, for although it is a cliche, I know it to be true. But it wasn’t music that saved my life that day, it was my best friends.

Becoming a Believer - How Rock Music Saved My Life

I found something that not only distracted me from my anxious thoughts, but also soothed them and loosened their hold over the limited space in my brain.

The Transmigration of Art

There is something intensely private in the act of listening to music, the way a song can feel like a very real, personal communication with the artist.