How To Read A Record Deal

So you were offered a record deal. Congratulations! But the only problem is that now you have to read it.

What To Know Before Your First Recording Session

Larry Crane, owner of Jackpot! & editor of Tape Op Magazine, with some excellent tips on how to prepare for your first recording session.

Synch Licensing Basics

It’s selling out!” “It’s the savior of the music business!” “Some dickhead put my favorite song on a commercial!” “I’M CONFUSED!!!” Welcome to synch licensing!

How To Be A Valuable Member Of A Rock Band When You Don't Write The Lyrics

In my 20 plus years as a drummer and collaborator, I have learned to contribute to the creative process by being kickass, a good bandmate, and by following these 8 simple rules.

Making your band an LLC.

When, why, and how do you set up an LLC for your band?