Get The Most Out of SXSW

It's that time of the year again. Lauren Rearick talks to industry experts and gets advice on how to do it right.

Get Up & Be It: How A Ted Leo Song Helped Me Survive

This is a true story about survival, heathcare, and why Ted Leo is the best forever.

Mental Health Care Is A Human Right (And Artists Are Humans)

I want us to talk about mental illness the same way we talk about anything from a common cold to cancer.

Why I Won't Tour Anymore

I’m done being in a cramped van every day. I’m done being in a loud, dirty club every night. I’m done living in a world in which alcohol is more prevalent, and considered more valuable, than food.

Surviving Your First (and second... and each one after) Tour

An important part of career longevity for any musician is live performance. An album cycle can call for over a year working on the road and the fact that a single 4 week tour has ended many bands is enough to cause anxiety in even the most seasoned road vets the first day out.