DE-GRADED: Music Criticism and Regressive Reading

The convention of assigning elementary school letter grades, star ratings, or best-of-ten subdivisions to music reviews is so ubiquitous now that it’s easy to forget that it wasn’t always this way.

No Internet, No Music: Why Musicians Need To Care About Net Neutrality

Musicians need net neutrality in order to have a fair shake in the internet economy

Literal Listening

All artists aren't given the same freedom of expression.

The Inevitable Institutionalization of Rock

Rock lineage as a self-supporting mass-culture driver is over, as should be the preposterous and romanticizing idea that it is the music of some kind of spontaneous, youthful holy-fool effusion.

Punk Trump

I know some are clamoring for a new Fugazi but I don’t know that I’d want to sit through another “Guilty of Being White” to get there.

The Transmigration of Art

There is something intensely private in the act of listening to music, the way a song can feel like a very real, personal communication with the artist.

Interview Series: EP.3 - Meredith Graves & DVS

Certain themes in music evoke feelings whether you want them to or not.

Christopher Sutton

Music, simply put, is life.

Welcome to Watt

I believe deeply that being a musician is an important and valid vocation. Watt is here to help make it easier to be one.

Colin Meloy

I think that artists’ voices are now, more than ever, being amplified and projected. More tools are available; middlemen left and right are being made irrelevant — and in many ways that’s a good thing. The real question is how can we reattribute VALUE to those voices.

Horace Panter

Time stood still. It was transcendental. I knew then that playing music was the greatest thing in the world.

Kim Boekbinder

The corporate content hegemony is worse than ever and we're stuck squabbling over the pitiful amounts of money our streaming overlords let slip through their grasp, or clinging to ad agencies and music supervisors like life rafts.

Laura Snapes

I think [music] the greatest source of joy and comfort of all art forms. And done right, it can foster understanding of and openness to other ways of being like nothing else can.

Nathan Larson

But like all new tech the potential for discovery and access is mind-blowing, and beyond good and evil. The fact is the sample group of kids I have access to are as likely to know as much about obscure '60s garage punk stuff, or classic hip hop, or 'classic' punk rock, and that's extremely fucking cool.

Interview Series: EP.1 (Teaser) - Jean Grae & Ted Leo

Either consciously or subconsciously music is, other than math, the universal language that we can communicate with.

The Haxan Cloak

For musicians to be truly heard we need to be empowered with tools to build our own framework. Existing foundations need to become malleable.

Dan Deacon

Can you manage a world without music or the arts? It’s kind of like imagining a world without adjectives.

Beth Ditto

[Music]s everywhere all the time and I don't think people realize what kind of an impact it really has.

Jamie Stewart

The impact [music] has is that it gives living a context and momentum

I Hear The Music

A visual response

Sir Foster

Artists are just as important as scientists, doctors, mathematicians and the like.

Mark Surman, executive director, Mozilla Foundation

Music is a guiding force, able to steer people toward communities and causes they're passionate about. ...I've been drawn to social causes and organizations that embody that punk passion and sincerity. In a way, music made me.

John Roderick

People want art and need art, they crave it and seek it.

Henry Rollins - The impact of music in our world

If that’s how you’re listening to music—you’re only ripping yourself off.

Astra Taylor

It almost feels like one of the elements. There's air, water, dirt, fire, and music.

Zola Jesus

Music speaks far beyond words. It is a capsule for the human condition.