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Working in both the music world and the tech world sometimes feels like speaking two entirely different languages.

Matt LeMay

(If you don’t believe me, ask your nearest recording engineer what “API” stands for, then ask your nearest web developer.) But more importantly, working in both worlds sometimes feels like oscillating between two entirely different value systems.

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Time To Find A Pro

Hutch Harris

We never took on a manager because it just never felt right.

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Synch Licensing Basics

Gabe McDonough

It’s selling out!” “It’s the savior of the music business!” “Some dickhead put my favorite song on a commercial!” “I’M CONFUSED!!!” Welcome to synch licensing!

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Creating Space For Creating Art

Liz Pelly

Everyone has a story or a perspective, a song or a painting. But some people may not realize they do because space has never been made for them, or they’ve never been handed the tools. Lots of folks have aimless energy; a desire to make something happen that’s bigger than themselves, but nowhere to do it.

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Open Is Hope

Jesse von Doom

Open brings collective strength and moves functionality from closed systems into spaces that everyone can use, shape, and embrace.

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How To Be A Valuable Member Of A Rock Band When You Don't Write The Lyrics

Janet Weiss

In my 20 plus years as a drummer and collaborator, I have learned to contribute to the creative process by being kickass, a good bandmate, and by following these 8 simple rules.

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Envisioning a World Where No One's Voice is Silenced

Esra'a Al Shafei

In the Middle East in particular, acts of violence and occupation limit the growth of society. Regardless of whether a powerful voice is silenced by censorship, prison, or even death, the end result is the same in that the more powerful take away the voices of the less powerful.

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Christopher Sutton

Christopher Sutton

Music, simply put, is life.

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Making your band an LLC.

Peter Vaughan Shaver, Esq

When, why, and how do you set up an LLC for your band?

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The Career of Being Myself

Meredith Graves

I am consensually working these long-ass, impossible hours to be paid in less money, but more freedom.

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Featured video: CASH Music Interview Series: EP.4 - Chairlift & Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

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