It’s All In Your Head: Shutting Up The Voices That Tell You “No”

Jessica Boudreaux

There’s something so terrifying about putting yourself in a position where you could possibly be rejected, harshly criticized or worst of all…ignored.

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Selling Out

Hutch Harris

The song had summed up so much about what we adored and feared in life - love, beauty, and the permanence and inescapable reality of death. Now the song was being used to sell us a mid-size sedan.

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Backline with Kathy Foster

Kathy Foster

Kathy Foster of The Thermals & Hurry Up talks about her set up

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Backline with Jessica Boudreaux

Jessica Boudreaux

Jessica Boudreaux of Summer Cannibals talks about her set up

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Surviving Your First (and second... and each one after) Tour

Dana Wachs

An important part of career longevity for any musician is live performance. An album cycle can call for over a year working on the road and the fact that a single 4 week tour has ended many bands is enough to cause anxiety in even the most seasoned road vets the first day out. There are ways to prepare however, and by having realistic expectations, you can come out with a life changing experience and perhaps even a little bit of income.

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Copyright Basics: Sound Recordings & Musical Compositions

Katrina Bleckley, Esq.

As an artist or an artist’s representative, it is critical to understand at least the basics of what rights you control in your art, and how best to monetize those rights.

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You don't need a publicist (for real)

Judy Miller Silverman

I do not hold the magic key to your success kingdom.

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Working in both the music world and the tech world sometimes feels like speaking two entirely different languages.

Matt LeMay

(If you don’t believe me, ask your nearest recording engineer what “API” stands for, then ask your nearest web developer.) But more importantly, working in both worlds sometimes feels like oscillating between two entirely different value systems.

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Envisioning a World Where No One's Voice is Silenced

Esra'a Al Shafei

In the Middle East in particular, acts of violence and occupation limit the growth of society. Regardless of whether a powerful voice is silenced by censorship, prison, or even death, the end result is the same in that the more powerful take away the voices of the less powerful.

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Synch Licensing Basics

Gabe McDonough

It’s selling out!” “It’s the savior of the music business!” “Some dickhead put my favorite song on a commercial!” “I’M CONFUSED!!!” Welcome to synch licensing!

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Featured video: CASH Music Interview Series: EP.5 - Nick Catchdubs & Nasty Nigel

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